Understanding Eating Disorders: Be Caring and Kind

Eating disorders are ugly conditions that no one wants to see someone they are close to have to deal with. Unfortunately, these are conditions that millions of people deal with every year, and it can sometimes have serious consequences on the person’s health. If you think a friend or loved one might be dealing with an eating disorder, it is important to approach the issue with kindness and empathy.

Understand why someone might be dealing with an eating disorder, and try to look at it from their point of view. Attempting to understand your loved one will let them know you care about them and value their point of view. Think about some of these tips as you approach the conversation to help you handle it in a kind and courteous way.

Let your loved one know you are simply concerned for them. It is important to let your loved one know you are coming from a place of love, and not judgment. Ensure them anything they say to you will remain between the two of you.

Don’t let the conversation turn into an argument. Try not to appear combative or cut your loved one off as you talk. Let the conversation flow both ways, instead of letting it turn into an argument, which typically will achieve nothing productive.

Encourage your loved one to seek help. Let your loved one know that you don’t want to see them continue to go down this path and that you would love to see them get back to their original, healthier self. Sometimes, some kind words and knowing that someone is on their side is enough to let a person know that they just might need to get a helping hand.

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If your loved one decides to seek assistance from a professional, there are no shortages of behavioral health services in Savannah, GA full of experts who will be able to help your loved one deal with their eating disorder and come back to their normal selves.