Exercising Correctly

It is important that you exercise correctly. Many of us really don’t know how to exercise correctly and as a result we may injure ourselves.  When we get older, we may also need to have surgery or other procedures such as getting a total hip replacement.  This can be painful and expensive so starting early and learning how to exercise will be of great value.


Exercising starts with stretching.  You need to warm up your muscles and as a result allow them to move more freely.   The idea behind stretching is that you are stimulating blood flow throughout your body and breaking up any dead tissue making room for healthier tissue to be generated.

Drink water

total hip

You want to drink water to stay hydrated.  Many people will drink juice or soda which is not a good time to consume before, during or after a workout.  When we drink water, we are hydrating our bodies as well as flushing out toxins that have built up within us over time.

Start slow

You want to start slow.  Many people will jump into exercise and try to get as much done as quickly as possible.  You need to think of exercise as a slow burn.  You want to work yourself into it slowly so your body can adjust as needed.


You want to exercise for a few moments and then rest.  You want to repeat this process over and over through the process of reps.  These reps will shock your body into working harder and consuming calories and working your muscles more efficiently.

Work with someone

You want to work out with a friend.  This can not only motivate you, but it will also be fun to do.  When we work in groups or with friends we don’t feel alone and out of touch.